The future will be…modular!

The future will be…modular!

Modular buildings are becoming more and more popular every day and there are plenty of reasons behind that. First, let’s see which are the main differences between modular building construction compared with traditional methods.

It’s all about time

Modular buildings became popular just after the second world war where there was a great need for rapid and flexible construction methods. In our era, time is one of the most valuable things in our life. We want things to be fast and we demand the best possible result in less time. This is the main competitive advantage of modular construction over any other traditional method.
The huge difference between the two is that modular buildings construction only needs half of the time (in most cases 50% – 70% less time) than any traditional building method, in order to be constructed, transported and installed.
Modular buildings are mainly constructed offsite, in a dry and secure facility, under strictly controlled conditions, shielded from the weather, using the same materials (wood, concrete, and steel), design codes and architectural specifications as traditional construction methods.
Furthermore, the site preparation takes place whilst the modules are being manufactured and this can save a lot of time and money; especially with our unpredictable weather conditions where the traditional building process can experience great delays. When you consider that 60% to 90% of the modular construction is completed inside a factory, you have to conclude this results in a faster return on investment.
At the end of the day if the building looks like a building constructed conventionally, is designed to harmonize and blend with its surroundings, using the same building materials, but is done in less time, this has to be a successful project. Modular buildings are far from a temporary solution and for sure the future will be….Modulek!

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