The Benefits of Modular School Buildings

There are numerous benefits to choosing modular school buildings by Modulek. Our company has revolutionised the industry with our innovative designs. Our modular buildings will last up to 60 years thanks to our latest designs that incorporate steel frames. Please keep reading to find out more about this excellent modern solution.

Why Choose Modular School Buildings?

Modular school buildings enable you to create the ideal eco-classroom. This space will seamlessly combine quality and functionality. Best of all, the running costs will be extremely low. These buildings differ from traditional structures used for similar purposes because of various features that are pre-built into the design. Our modular classrooms are built with a steel-framed structure, which ensures a service life of up to six decades. The timber cladding your building will be topped with has a 30-year maintenance free life for maximum convenience.

As standard, our modular buildings and classrooms are fitted with double-glazed windows. High-performance insulation with a proven track record of excellence will be incorporated into the walls, roof and floor. This will keep your bills low and keep a steady temperature all year round. Then, we will fit state-of-the-art photovoltaic panels that will harvest daylight to fulfil your energy requirements. A heat pump will be fitted that ensures you will never run out of hot water to use. Air conditioning systems are also fitted as standard and will ensure excellent energy efficiency.
Modular Buildings Dorset

The combination of everything described above gives our classrooms a certified A* rated energy performance. A single eco classroom by Modulek can be run for as little as 95p a day. What’s more, these solutions can be completed and fully installed in just a matter of weeks.

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The Design of Our Modular Classrooms

To summarise, Modulek has utilised a wide variety of innovative features that will save energy and money. This is what makes our modular classrooms the absolute best choice on the market. You will be able to benefit from all of the following:

  • Double Glazed Windows – Will reduce heat loss inside your new classroom. They will also help your school save money on heating bills.
  • Insulation – Equipped with high-performance insulation that is applied to the floors, roofs and walls.
  • Air Conditioning – Our pumps are triple A rated for superb energy efficiency. This means that the airflow distribution inside the property will be comfortable and sleek.
  • Steel Framed Structure – Offers an estimated 60 year design life.
  • Recessed LED Lighting – A low-maintenance solution that is more energy-efficient and brighter for the classroom.
  • Photovoltaic Panels – Placed on the building, they will help harvest daylight to save money.
  • Air Source Heat Pump – The latest energy saving technology on the market that supplies water heating.
  • External Sustainable Timber Cladding –A 30 year maintenance free design life.

Value Statement

Integrity and Honesty – Our work is our commitment

Service – Dedicated personal attention, exceeding expectations

Quality – ‘Good enough’ is unacceptable, excellence is our standard

Health & Safety – Acting responsibly for the care of all

Teamwork – Pulling together to succeed

Optimism – ‘Can do’ attitude; we believe in achieving your wishes

Innovation – Introducing new concepts

How Can Modulek Help?

Here at Modulek, we are able to offer schools the best delivery date on the market. No other provider will be able to match our speed from design to completion. Despite the speed of our construction methods, you do not need to worry about loss of quality. We have strict procedures in place ensuring that all buildings and classrooms are up to our very high standards.

Our innovative designs have destroyed the notion of modular school buildings being nothing more than a temporary solution. We enable our clients to have a truly permanent building delivered at a fraction of the cost and speed of traditional alternatives.

Seeing the finishes of our modular buildings inside and out will astound. Our top quality external finishes are applied onsite to give them a permanent look and feel, which will defy the belief that our buildings are modular.

Testimonials for Modulek’s Modular School Buildings

The building that was supplied and erected by Modulek was going to be a short term measure for classroom space. The building and your aftersales is so good, we are at this moment seeking planning to keep the building on a permanent basis. The staff using the classrooms do not want to go back into their old rooms, which I might point out are brand new classrooms.” –Estate Manager, Jewell Academy

Further feedback can be found on our dedicated testimonials page. We have also compiled a variety of case studies that you can look through for a more comprehensive overview of everything involved in one of our construction projects.

Any More Questions About Our Modular School Buildings?

The customer care team at Modulek is always ready to answer questions about our modular school buildings. You can contact us any time by either calling 01202 813 121, e-mailing or filling out our online form.