Sports Clubhouses

Are you looking to expand your sports facilities? If so, look no further than Modulek – the leading supplier of modular facilities. Having helped to revolutionise the modular industry, we’ve become the go-to company for buildings such as changing rooms, fitness centres and sports clubhouses. To discuss your requirements with us in more detail, call us now on 01202 813 121.

Affordable Modular Sports Buildings

There is much to be said about modern-day modular buildings, and despite many preconceptions; they are as good, if not superior, to traditional structures. With Modulek, you have the option to promote your team with a state-of-the-art modular building that is designed and built to your exact specifications. Our sports clubhouses make for a great choice of venue for any club, regardless of which sport they play.

Sports and leisure facilities are an excellent way to quickly and efficiently promote your team. Of course, it’s important to every little detail when designing facilities such as these, and this is where our modular building specialists excel. Over the years, we’ve created bespoke modular facilities for high-profile clients, including AFC Bournemouth and Sheffield Wednesday FC.

Regardless of how big or small your organisation happens to be or what your sporting dreams are; you can always count on Modulek to deliver. When constructing clubhouses, we’ll always take into consideration current Sport England regulations, ensuring that all new facilities are fully compliant.


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Trust Our Modular Building Specialists

You are likely all too aware of just how expensive and disruptive the construction of modular sports buildings can be. It can often make it impossible for your members to continue their game, sport or leisure activity and can throw routines completely out of whack. Fortunately, this is where Modulek are different.

All our sports clubhouses are constructed off-site inside our purpose-built factory. This is great for a number of reasons. First, all construction is handled away from your site meaning that there will be virtually no disruption to your members. Some disruption may be caused during the installation process, though this will be minimal.

Second, by constructing off-site, we can ensure that there are no delays due to bad weather and that the strictest quality controls are maintained from start-to-finish. Third, off-site construction minimises any impact on the environment. All-in-all, our method provides you with speedy, cost-efficient results that will benefit you and your community.

All completed clubhouses are constructed using eco-friendly building materials. The latest energy-saving technologies help significantly reduce energy consumption. Running costs are reduced with a modular building costing as little as 95p per day to run.

Value Statement

Integrity and Honesty – Our work is our commitment

Service – Dedicated personal attention, exceeding expectations

Quality – ‘Good enough’ is unacceptable, excellence is our standard

Health & Safety – Acting responsibly for the care of all

Teamwork – Pulling together to succeed

Optimism – ‘Can do’ attitude; we believe in achieving your wishes

Innovation – Introducing new concepts

What Else Can We Create?

Here at Modulek, our team are adept in the creation of a wide range of sports facilities. Every building is unique and designed with fully configurable layouts and features created to meet the client’s specific requirements. Modular buildings can be used for an almost limitless number of building types, but you can see a few examples below:

  • Training Pavilions
  • Gym/ Fitness Studios
  • Poolside House
  • Visitor Centre
  • Bar or Café

So, if you’re in the market for modular sports buildings and looking for a reliable company to make your vision a reality, look no further than Modulek.


Why Choose Modulek for Sports Clubhouses?

At Modulek, we’ve worked hard to dispel the impression that modular buildings are merely temporary. In fact, our buildings are designed to last for around 60 years or more. We’ve made it our mission to provide clients with the best of both worlds – buildings that offer all the benefits of permanent structures, but with the speed and cost-effectiveness of off-site construction.

Our vision is to be recognised as the leading supplier of bespoke modular facilities that exceed our clients’ expectations. As such, our modular building specialists are always looking for ways to provide the best quality and the most efficient service at prices that cannot be beaten. We stick closely to our value statement which includes acting with integrity and honesty and providing clients with innovation and impeccable service.


Modulek are the logical choice for those looking to build sports clubhouses. To find out more, call us today on 01202 813 121.