School Funding for Modular Buildings

Are you looking to build additional classrooms to expand your site? Do you require school funding for modular buildings? If so, look no further than Modulek. As the most cost-effective choice for modular buildings, we cater to all budgets with modular school buildings funding that is the most versatile around.

What sort of school funding is available for modular buildings?

Everyone’s financial situation is different, which means that a funding option that might be suitable for one school might not work for another. When you apply for funding from Modulek, you will have the choice of four different options – CIF Funding, Operating Lease, Finance Lease and Higher Purchase Lease. Your financial circumstances will determine the option that is right for you.

Funding for modular school buildings School Funding for Modular Buildings

Whether you are planning an extension to your site or building an entirely new school from scratch, it’s important that each modular building is fit-for-purpose. At Modulek, we understand the financial demands that come with equipping a school with new buildings. With our funding for modular school buildings, you can finally make your planned development a reality.

My Modulek School Fundraising

At Modulek, we recognise the difficulties that come with securing the right level of financing. Schools are forever faced with restrictions on borrowing, strict award criteria, and competition from other schools. Acquiring the relevant funds can be a challenge, so it’s comforting to know that Modulek offers the most comprehensive modular school buildings funding around.

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Thanks to our Modulek School Fundraising initiative, we will supply you with a wide range of affordable options. Each option is designed to make securing school funding for modular buildings as easy as possible. Read on below to find out more about the fantastic solutions that we offer.

CIF Funding

Condition Improvement Funding allows academies and sixth-form colleges to bid for capital funding. The main priority of CIF Funding is to improve on aspects of health and safety and building compliance. Funds are limited, however, and so when applying for funding for modular school buildings, you must create an application that stands out from the crowd.

Our company possesses a keen understanding of the ever-changing requirements for applying. Thanks to our professional insight, we know just how to write a successful bid that will increase your chances ten-fold.

Operating Lease

There is nothing worse than needing a new classroom or sports hall but not having the budget to commit. With an ‘Operating Lease’ you won’t have to wait a moment longer for modular school buildings funding. We will set up a rental agreement with a payment plan that is tailored to suit your budget.

Once your agreement is concluded, Modulek will provide you with the option to renew your agreement for another term. Should you wish to end your agreement, the building will be returned to us, and you will be free from any further obligations.

Finance Lease

Are you looking to avoid the hassle of paying a sizeable upfront deposit? With our ‘Finance Lease’ you can do just that. Much like our ‘Operating Lease’, our ‘Finance Lease’ provides you with school funding for modular buildings as part of a rental agreement. Best of all is that once you reach the end of the agreement, you will take full ownership of the building.

Hire Purchase Lease

Our ‘Hire Purchase Lease’ involves paying a set deposit upfront followed by manageable instalments that help to spread the total cost. For those that seek funding for modular school buildings that decreases the overall cost, look no further than a ‘Hire Purchase Lease’ as we can tailor it to even the most restricted budget.

How can Modulek help?

If you are unsure as to which of our financing options is right for you, our team will be happy to advise you. With the help of our modular school buildings funding program, your school will be well-equipped to meet the needs of your students. Plus, our all-in-one service will remove the need to deal with more than one company as we provide the following services:

What makes us the best choice for school funding for modular buildings?

If you are looking for funding for modular school buildings, there is only one name that you need to remember – Modulek. With many years’ of experience to our name, we have single-handedly redefined our customer’s perceptions of modular designed buildings. Thanks to our eco-friendly options, bespoke design, and outstanding building materials more and more people are choosing our company.

We understand that securing the necessary finances can often be an uphill battle. Thanks to our modular school buildings funding, you will have no trouble financing your dream project. All buildings supplied by our CHAS accredited company are Exor approved and come with a fantastic 60 year warranty. Plus, with our ‘Formula 7’ experience, you will receive a complete service provided by our friendly specialists.


Contact us today on 01202 813 121 and speak to us about securing your school funding for modular buildings now.

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