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The Future of Innovative School Building Construction is Here

For any school, there comes a time where it’s no longer able to facilitate the needs of its students to the fullest extent. When such a situation occurs, the best course of action is to construct new buildings or upgrade existing ones. Here at Modulek, we’ve revolutionised the modular industry and are now the go-to company for school building construction.

At Modulek, our school building design specialists provide a comprehensive, turnkey service that firmly puts to rest all prior notions of modular buildings. When you choose to expand your school facilities with Modulek, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of modular construction, including:

  • Rapid-Fast Construction
  • Flexibility
  • Affordability
  • Environmentally Friendly Solutions
  • High-Spec Construction
  • Low Impact Construction Methods
  • More Likely to Receive Funding

Any one of these benefits alone is great, but ALL these benefits are typical of school building construction that adopts a modular approach. You can read more about each of these points below. Alternatively, direct any questions you have to our team by calling Modulek on 01202 813 121.

The Advantages of a Modular School Building

Rapid-Fast Construction

If you’re unhappy with the prospect of waiting around months for construction to be completed, you’ll be delighted to hear modular construction is super quick. First, our team won’t have to travel to and from your site each day, cutting down on time spent travelling. This makes the logistics a lot easier, and with construction handled indoors, no delays due to the weather are to be expected.


The nature of modular design makes it incredibly flexible. The layout can be configured for a whole host of purposes, from classrooms to labs, office space, changing rooms, and more. Additional modules can be added at later dates, so there’s always the option to expand your school building construction further on down the line.


Here at Modulek, we do everything in our power to make the whole process a lot cheaper. Our school building design service is built into the cost of our turnkey package. What’s more, is that we charge a fixed price with no hidden fees. The build time is greatly reduced too, saving you money on a lengthy, drawn-out project.

Environmentally Friendly/Low Impact Construction Methods

Modular construction is an environmentally friendly process. First, the construction is handled at our factory, minimising any impact on the environment. Second, the materials we use, such as Thermowood for the external timber cladding, are all procured from sustainable sources. Third, all school building construction carried out by us incorporates the very latest eco-friendly technologies.

Such technologies include but are not limited to top-shelf double glazing, premium-quality insulation, next-generation air source heat pumps, non-concussive taps, photovoltaic panels, and more. All these technologies combined will make for a far more comfortable learning environment. Also, a modular school building can cost as little as 95p per day to run – that’s an incredible saving on your utilities.

6 great benefits of modular school buildings

High-Spec Construction

We only use premium-quality materials in all school building construction. These materials are procured from trusted suppliers and are rated to provide many years of reliable service. Through a combination of the materials we use, impeccable quality control, and precision production line techniques; we provide high-spec construction that won’t break the bank.

More Likely to Receive Funding

CIF funding is obtainable to help with offsetting a large amount of the cost. Certain conditions need to be met, however, for funding to be approved. Our school building construction designs are cleverly devised to factor in these conditions. When opting for Modulek, you can rest assured that your new school buildings will be built in line with the CIF funding criteria.

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When it comes to competitively priced modular construction, there is only one company you need to call – Modulek. Since our founding, we’ve remained committed to pushing the envelope, revolutionising the industry, and putting to rest the perception many have of modular design.

Our complete turnkey package covers everything, from a FREE professional survey at the enquiry stage to our complete specialist design, construction, and installation service.

Throughout the planning, manufacturing, and delivery phases of your school building construction project, our team aims to provide you with the ‘Formula 7’ experience. The F7 experience is the blueprint from which we deliver our incredible service. All projects are family-managed throughout, and clients will benefit from a flexible approach to design, fixed prices, and no hidden surprises.

We promise fast action from the outset. Once a school building design has been completed, built, and installed; we never walk away. You can always reach out to our aftercare team who are on hand to provide assistance should you require it. No wonder so many people choose Modulek for all their modular building requirements.

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