Modular School Buildings – Is it right that kids prefer to learn in bright, airy classrooms?

Modular School Buildings – Is it right that kids prefer to learn in bright, airy classrooms?

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YES – and that doesn’t only go for the kids, teachers much prefer to teach in bright, airy classrooms too.

For a lot of children learning, in the average class size of thirty, is an intricate task that tests their ambition and knowledge capacity. Okay, we all know that teaching resources, the teacher’s ability and syllabus are an essential part in a child’s education, but what about the physical condition and design of the school itself? How do they frame a child’s learning experience?

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The busy parents of today will probably never know. With most parents working nearly full time, they find hardly any opportunity to encounter, much less judge, the appearance of their child’s school. When they do go, often for an appointment with the teacher on parent’s evening, they are hardly going to discuss school maintenance and design issues with their child’s teacher!

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It’s not surprising that a sizable number of pupils and teachers battle with things such as noise, glare, mildew, lack of fresh air, and boiling hot or freezing cold temperatures. In fact, around 40% of our schools report unsatisfactory classroom and corridor settings. With the average school building age at 42 years, it has become apparent that many schools need to undergo rehabilitation. But how is this going to happen? With a current housing shortage in the UK anyway, it seems unlikely that schools are at the top of the list.

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But wait a minute… modular buildings could be the answer here! These bring the exact same result as a traditional construction in much less time, for less money and ensures minimum distraction as most of the project is constructed offsite. Perfect for school surroundings where disruption must be kept at a minimum if building is going on during school hours.

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