Portsmouth High School Junior School Building

Portsmouth High School Junior School Building

On Tuesday 24th of May, we were invited to the official opening of the new Junior School Building of Portsmouth High School. Modulek competed successfully in a tender process for this attractive 2 storey classroom building in Portsmouth. As part of the tender we had to provide an initial concept design and a presentation on Modulek; our favourite subject! The Tender panel were blown away by the presentation and the design we put forward, so beginning a journey of design and manufacture of a building that the Client is truly delighted with!

Key elements included a very difficult access route involving road closures and bus route re-direction, high standards of external finishes to match an existing traditional building, tight budget requiring some ingenuity in design to reduce the footprint of the building, thereby reducing cost without sacrificing the facilities required within.

The whole project had to be delivered in term time with lots of interested KS1 and Primary children watching every move! Modulek looked after every aspect of the project to the Client’s entire satisfaction, including internal furniture, furnishings and even Promethean Activ Panel Teacher boards.

The client was amazed at the speed of the whole process from concept to completion including Planning in less than 8 months, producing a building that they have stated on more than one occasion makes their new traditional building look shabby!

Once again Modulek deliver on their promises with an unrivalled level of ‘turnkey’ service, quality and value for money!

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