Portable Buildings

PORTABLE BUILDINGS – Are you looking for short term space, fast?

As well as specialising in large modular buildings, we also provide portable buildings in the form of jackleg buildings, anti-vandal buildings and storage buildings.

Do you need portable buildings?

No matter what you need our portable buildings for, we’ll be able to supply them for you, including:

  • Offices
  • Welfare facilities
  • Secure storage
  • Anti-vandal accommodation
  • Conference rooms
  • Canteens
  • Management suites
  • Laboratories
  • Kitchens

Our portable buildings are available quickly, are affordable, effective, durable and easily relocatable.

JACKLEG UNITS – Flexibility and speed assured

Jackleg units give you speed of installation and flexibility. As an economical alternative to modular buildings, the portable building is manufactured in one single piece. This minimises on-site installation and gives you a speedy delivery. The beauty is that you can easily move these units around.

Portable Buildings

Designed for you

You can get exactly what you want from our portable buildings. The jackleg units come in different sizes and finishes and we’ll tailor the specifications to your needs, whether for office units, canteens or toilet blocks.

The internal fit suits a variety of needs from interlinked office units and welfare facilities, WC and shower blocks to conference rooms, management suites and canteens. All you have to do is let us know what you want from your portable building, and we’ll do the rest.

If you need jackleg units for anything, we can supply them for you in Southampton, Bournemouth or anywhere across the South. The design of these portable buildings can be upgraded to fully comply with Building Regulations should the floor area exceed the minimum amount for such jackleg units. Contact us to discuss your needs.

ANTI-VANDAL UNITS – Stay safe – use our anti-vandal units

You want your staff, customers and possessions to be safe, which is why you should choose our anti-vandal units. The secure accommodation we provide is built to suit almost any purpose, from offices to welfare units.

Comfort and security with our units

The interior of our anti-vandal units not only keep you safe, but are comfortable too. We’ll give you an insulated, decorative finish so that you can enjoy the secure units on the inside and be in comfort in your office at the same time.

Our range of secure units incorporate many different features to keep you and your belongings safe. Anti-jemmy openings are included so that the door cannot be pried open by using tools and, along with multi-point insurance rated locking systems, mean that the unit will be safe. They are all constructed using heavy duty steel construction.

If you need welfare units, look no further than us. We supply specialist, state of the art units for sites without a mains service connection as they include electric, water and waste supplies. Whatever you require from your secure unit, contact us today, and we can build something to your requirements.

Anti-vandal Pic

STORAGE UNITS – Struggling for space? Use our storage containers

Using our storage units will keep your belongings safe. Equipment, tools, materials and documents can all be stored securely. Whatever you need will be kept safe and secure in our storage containers, using our anti-vandal technology.

Saving you a lot of hassle

We’ve got the answer to all of your storage needs. If there’s no space left for machinery or tools on site, then use our storage containers. They’re ideal for all sorts. If you’re on a building site and need to keep tools safe, not a problem. If your office is over flowing with old paperwork, use our document storage containers. Or if you just have too much stuff, come and see us.

Gaining access to it obviously isn’t a problem because we can deliver the storage unit to where you are. It’s much easier than having it stored elsewhere and having to go in at certain times of the day when access isn’t restricted.

They are robust, secure storage units that are available in different sizes and come with different features. If you’re in Bournemouth, Southampton or anywhere in Dorset or across the South, then contact us today to discuss your needs. We offer shipping containers, full side opening containers, hazardous storage and anti-vandal containers.