Offsite Construction Benefits

Offsite construction benefits are plentiful. Advances in modern technology have enabled this building type to rival permanent buildings. If you are unsure whether this building type is suitable for you and your needs, keep reading our article and be sure to find out the benefits of offsite construction.

What is offsite construction?

Offsite construction refers to the process in which portable and modular buildings are fully assembled in the factory. All of our modular buildings are fitted with heating, plumbing, internal decoration and electrics before they leave. We will transport all buildings constructed offsite by road and then put it into place on your property with a crane.

Benefits of offsite construction

Modulek is the leading provider of modular buildings and portable buildings. It has been the aim of our company to modernise modular buildings so that the gap between modular and permanent buildings is indistinguishable. Clients new to modular buildings often ask questions such as ‘what are the benefits of offsite construction?’ To answer this question, we have written an article on the offsite construction benefits, of which will be discussed underneath:

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Benefit 1 – Fast delivery and turnaround time

Offsite Construction Benefits

Compared to permanent buildings, modular buildings offer a quick  turnaround time and can be delivered to your property within a matter of weeks than months. The speed of modular buildings is due to the off-site construction in which the building exterior and interior are fabricated to meet the customer’s requirements.

The off-site building of modular buildings helps to reduce disruption to your business’ activities; the effect on the local community is also diminished which will improve relations for your business.

Benefit 2 – Cost-effective buildings

As all modular buildings are constructed offsite, the costs of these buildings are significantly lower than if a permanent building was constructed on your property. The cost-effectiveness of modular buildings have ensured their popularity. You will save money on labour costs and preliminary costs which can be the key cause behind the high costs of permanent buildings.  As a result, you will get a faster return on your buildings.

Benefit 3 – Sustainable construction

Every modular and portable building will be manufactured in controlled factory conditions which enable us to ensure a quality build for our customers. A key offsite construction benefit for many customers is the sustainable nature of this building type. We work in an environmentally friendly manner that will help to reduce the carbon footprint of our services and its impact on your property’s surroundings.

Benefit 4 – Flexible design

The flexibility of modular buildings is important to note when analysing offsite construction benefits. At Modulek, we can incorporate traditional finishes into our buildings so that you cannot tell the difference between a portable building and permanent one.

The popularity of modular or portable buildings is largely in part that they can be relocated to a destination of your choice as and when required. Despite their similarity to permanent buildings, our buildings can be moved to a location of your choice which is handy if your business moves to a different address.

What can Modulek’s buildings be used for?

The above question is one we receive a lot from customers, and the answer is simple: whatever you desire. In the past, we have created modular buildings for customers for purposes such as:

  • Anti-vandal accommodation
  • Canteens
  • Conference rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Laboratories
  • Management suites
  • Offices
  • Secure storage
  • Welfare facilities

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