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Knowing how best to balance the requirements catered to can be a tough prospect for schools. Often the process requires evaluating the school as a whole and determining which departments to focus on and which areas to expand first. Then there’s the disruption to consider as well as both the financial ramifications and the impact on the student’s learning caused by lengthy building projects. But what if we told you that you could get a new school building in a fraction of the time, at half the cost, and with minimal disruption caused on your site?

The answer is modular school facilities built by Modulek! Our school facilities are custom-built to your exact specifications, so whatever it is you’re looking to accomplish, we can make it happen. Just give us a call to request a FREE consultation, and in just ten weeks, we will have a proposal waiting for you. During these ten weeks, we’ll draft a design and then, based on your feedback, make amendments and improvements. By the end, you’ll have a good idea as to whether or not you’d like to proceed.

And that’s not the best part – this entire ten-week period (phase one) is completely FREE, and there’s no obligation at the proposal stage for you to proceed to order. So, if you’re looking to get your school facilities upgraded and are considering your options, call Modulek on 01202 813 121 today to inquire about a new school building.

Timeline for modular school facilities

Be Ready for the New School Year

When tackling modular school building construction, there are typically more restrictions in place which need to be accounted for. First, there’s the spend as schools struggle to balance, providing a fantastic learning environment with a budget that’s usually pretty tight. The next major factor to consider is site safety as building work usually takes place during the day when students are about. Teachers have a duty of care to pupils, and the longer the build goes on for, the greater the risk factor. Lastly, construction time can, again, cause more disruption, the longer it goes on.

The reason is that strict protocols must be observed throughout to protect students and teachers. With the average traditional build taking up to 18 months, the impact on the academic year can be significant. And so, a solution must be sought, and this is where a new school building of a modular design comes into play.

Introducing Our Cutting-Edge Modular School Facilities

At Modulek, we fabricate each new school building entirely offsite as part of phase two. The only disruption that’ll be caused to your school will be the week or so when we’re delivering and installing the new buildings. And from the point of inquiry to the final handoff at the end, each building can take around 26 weeks (Phases One + Two) to construct. This is significantly quicker than traditional builds. The reason is that we save time going back and forth from your site.

We also don’t have to observe the strict protocols which can often slow the work considerably. Plus, while the modules are being constructed at our factory, we can clear your site and get the groundworks ready for when the building is finally delivered. Phase two takes roughly 16 weeks and includes the following stages:

  • Order
  • Factory Lead-in
  • Offsite Production/ Groundworks
  • Delivery
  • Handover

So, as you can see from above, by choosing a ‘Modulek System’ as part of your modular school building construction, you can expand your facilities without impacting the academic year. All our buildings are constructed in line with industry regulations and are rated to last for up to 60 years! No wonder the Department of Education has recently committed to delivering 30 new modular school buildings.

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And if you order your new school building in April, it can be ready to go by the end of August – just in time for the new school year. For more information, get in touch with Modulek today on 01202 813 121.

Why Choose Modulek for a New School Building?

With Modulek, you can be ready for the new school year. We understand that there are a lot of factors to consider, which is what makes modular design such a great option. Begin phase one today, and you’ll save time, ensure that all your options are in place and that everything is ready to go when the time is right. And the best part is that phase one won’t cost you a penny. It’s a great way to get all your ducks in a row without worrying about additional expenditure.

For any new school building, you’ll receive the full benefit of our ‘Formula 7’ experience as well as our turnkey service. Every project is family-managed from start-to-finish and includes a FREE professional site survey as well as a full design service, including 3D visuals. From the point that we start constructing your building, you can expect a fast turnaround. And at the end, we never walk away; instead, we offer a full aftercare support service.

Lastly, when opting for our modular school facilities, we only ever charge fixed prices – no hidden charges.

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Contact Us to Learn More about Modular School Building Construction

So, if you’d like to inquire further about a new school building, make sure you call the CHAS accredited and Exor approved team at Modulek today on 01202 813 121.