Modular VS Traditional

Modular VS Traditional

Do you know the differences between modular construction and traditional construction? We are often asked what are the differences…traditional construction methods have been around for such a long time, it seems almost unthinkable that something will come along and take its place! However, modular construction methods are gaining traction, particularly in recent years where significant advancements in technology have made the process of designing, transporting and assembling modular units so much easier.

Time is of utmost importance, and these days we can’t afford to waste time. Modular construction takes up to 50% less time than traditional construction.


Modular units can be assembled offsite in a factory, whilst groundworks and preparations can be completed at the same time. This has made modular construction an appealing method to the commercial and education sector, where key decision makers can see a quicker return on investment.

It seems impossible that a building that has been constructed in such a short space of time, is built to the same standards and high quality of a traditional building. Steps are taken to ensure that quality, durability and efficiency are still the top priorities, just like they would be in a traditional construction build.

Still not sure?

Look at the infographic below, to see the main differences between the two processes.

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