Modular School Buildings…The way forward!

Modular School Buildings…The way forward!

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Carrying out construction in an educational environment has never been easy for those involved – the builders or the school. Noise, dust and safety issues all play a large part in the planning for such projects, and can be difficult to satisfactorily overcome. Noise will often mean that work has to be stopped at certain times, such as exam periods to prevent disruption, which prolongs the project, increases costs and inconveniences those involved. Dust and other unwanted by-products are liable to cause damage to surrounding buildings, while the large number of young people is a potential safety issue, requiring careful precautions.

A potential solution to all of these problems is to carry out work during holidays, but this is almost impossible to achieve using traditional build. The only realistic way to do this is to use modular buildings. The problem is that many people in education, both, teachers and students, do not have a very high opinion of modular buildings. This is understandable – many people think of the draughty, hollow and rickety units that sometimes masquerade as ‘modular classrooms’ in many schools across the country.

Such structures do not, however, give a fair nor accurate picture of today’s modular buildings. They have progressed so much that nowadays it is difficult to tell whether you are in a modular building or not. They are now as permanent as traditional buildings, with the additional advantage of having a far smaller build time that is not affected by the weather or other external factors, meaning that the project will definitely be completed within the necessary timescale. Furthermore, it is possible to carry out construction projects in educational environments with far less disruption to learning through modular construction.

On top of that, modular construction can be much cheaper than traditional methods. In fact, it offers savings of 30-50% in most cases. However, none of this comes at the expense of quality. The savings are due to the much more efficient method of construction, which takes advantage of modern equipment and techniques to update the way new buildings are built.

Therefore, modular buildings are the perfect first choice for anyone looking to expand their school facilities, offering the same quality as traditional construction but at a more sensible price, with the less possible disruption.

So think smart…think modular!

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