Modular School Buildings for a brighter future in education

23 Mar Modular School Buildings for a brighter future in education

With spring in the air, and the sun shining brightly, most parents are anxiously waiting to find out whether they have managed to get their children into the school of their choice. With schools feeling the pinch of a baby boom, many parents may find that their school of choice might refuse their application due to a lack of space. But surely, there must be a solution? “We have no money” the head teacher cries. “We have no time” the governor shouts. “Help” the parent says with a tremble in their voice!

Yes, this is an anxious time of year for many involved in this meticulous process of allocation, but let us assure you…there is a solution!

…Enter Modular School Buildings…!

Many people to choose the modular option instead of choosing a traditional build option. But why?

As well as being cost-effective, there are so many reasons to choose a modular building.

Here are just some of the many reasons why this type of construction is highly beneficial to schools:-

  • Use of cutting-edge space frame designs
  • Quick and accurate construction
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Options for bespoke external finishes such as cedar and mineral stone
  • If required, we can relocate your modular building without dismantling it.

Modular school buildings are extremely cost-effective, providing you with a solution that integrates the latest technologies to help you save money.   Within your state-of-the-art school building, you can utilise time clocks, thermostatic controls, premium insulation systems, smart lighting and double glazing systems, all of which will save you money.

Are you looking to improve your footprint? Then why not consider our EcoModulek solution?

10 reasons to choose a Modulek eco-modular building

  1. Modulek’s MF7 formula to success- our unique experience providing you with follow up, fixed price, full design service, free professional site survey, flexible design, fast action and a family experience!
  2. Heat/Cool Air-Conditioning- Electric heat pumps that are triple A rated to provide greater energy efficiency, comfortable airflow distribution as well as looking modern and sleek.
  3. Double glazed windows- reduced heat loss which saves you money on heating bills.
  4. Insulation – high performance insulation to walls, floor and roof- lowering costs on heating bills.
  5. Costing you as little as 95p per day to run your classroom- cost efficient and environmentally friendly.
  6. Recessed LED lighting- energy efficient lights that are brighter with less maintenance.
  7. A rated energy performance certified.
  8. External timber cladding from a sustainable source- Heat treated Thermowood which gives your building a 60 year maintenance free design life.
  9. Photovoltaic panels- these are the ultimate panel for energy efficiency, harvesting daylight to save you money.
  10. Air Source heat pump – provides water heating- this is next generation energy saving technology.
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