Modular Construction Is The New Mainstream

Modular Construction Is The New Mainstream

Perhaps it’s because they now look so similar to traditionally-built buildings that you haven’t noticed the popularity of modular buildings. It’s an inescapable fact that organisations all over the world have made the inevitable decision that modular is the way to go. There are several key examples.


Modular buildings for Schools

Modular Permanent School Buildings                                      Rosett School                                   Benefits of modular buildings


With a quality learning environment now becoming the chief commitment of most schools, more and more schools want to expand their education facilities. However, the chaos of the building site will disrupt their students’ learning, money is tight and there is often not enough time to design and build the new buildings.

Enter the permanent modular building. Cutting both project time and cost by half, these buildings still deliver the same quality, safety and durability as a traditionally-built building. Project time is reduced to a few weeks, which reduces disruption to your students’ education.


Modular buildings for Large Corporations & the Retail Industry

JP Morgan 2                                      modulek-coopervision-project                                            modulek-culdrose-cs-gas-building


As well-known giant chain stores continue to grow, they want to build new, high-quality outlets as quickly and as cheaply as possible. Many of these companies are franchises, which makes it difficult to maintain consistency across all the outlets. And, as markets change, stores need to be built in different locations.

Can you see where this is going? Once again, the modular construction industry provides the solution on a silver platter. As each module is built on a production line, it is possible to produce many buildings identical to each other. As shown above, the speed and economy of going modular makes it a no-brainer, and yet each module meets all of the stringent safety and quality regulations. McDonalds is a good example – many of their new fast food outlets are built in modules. When consumer trends change, they simply relocate the modules to where there is the highest demand.


Modular buildings for Sports Clubs

dsc00622                                   Thornden Tennis Club old                                     AFC Bournemouth training area

Like chain stores, sports clubs need to be flexible. Their circumstances are extremely unpredictable. An example is AFC Bournemouth, which was promoted to the premier league in 2015 and had just 6 weeks to build the new facilities associated with premier league status before the next match took place. Modulek LTD, a permanent modular construction specialist based nearby, delivered the entire project from planning permission to the ‘Welcome’ mat and completed it on time. See the story here:

Today’s architects now realise that when they are given an extremely short timeline modular is the only way to go. The architect that was asked to take care of AFC Bournemouth’s project didn’t give it a second thought.

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