Modular Buildings in Education

Is your school stuck in the dark ages? With so many educational buildings stretched to capacity, we offer a modern and innovative approach to either expanding or replacing your current building. With the ability to tailor a building exactly to your needs, contact us today for specialist advice on our modular buildings in education.

Why are modular buildings a great choice for schools?

Unlike traditional modular buildings which were often cold and damp, newer modular buildings are designed with energy efficiency and comfort in mind. Technologies such as double glazing, premium insulation and thermostatically controlled heating systems keep the internal environment warm and dry and your students and teachers happy. These buildings are also cheaper to run.

About our Educational modular buildings

Our modular buildings are a fantastic way to tailor a building exactly to Modular Buildings in Educationyour needs. Providing a quick and easy solution for your requirements has never been easier. We know that within the educational sector, it’s simply impossible for you to close the school while a new building is constructed, so Modulek has come up with the perfect solution.

We can have your new building up and running within a couple of months. That means you could have a new building on site by the end of the summer holidays. To help with the efficient process, we have a hands-on, knowledgeable team who can assist and guide you through every step of the building process. You can be absolutely confident that you will achieve a building that you never thought possible.

Read on to find out how our modular buildings in education have the answers to your requirements.

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The processes to constructing your perfect modular building

The processes to constructing a modular building are far simpler in the long run, although you still have to go through the same planning stages. We have provided you with a comprehensive guide to your modular educational building.

Planning and design

Don’t worry about planning because Modulek is here to help every step of the way with your modular buildings in education planning. We can help you compile all of the relevant documents for a smooth and stress-free planning application, ensuring the right documents get to the right service.

Our architectural team are also experts in the planning of modular buildings in education, so you can be sure the aesthetics of our buildings can fall within the category for a successful planning application. We are also experts on building regulations, which means you can be guaranteed that you will have a building that is safe, environmentally friendly, and there to stick around.

We combine traditional, detailed drawing and the latest 3D technology to produce a like-for-like image of your new modular building in education. We make sure you are completely happy with every element of your design, so we can go straight into the construction process once planning permission is approved.


The manufacturing process is where modular buildings in education come into their own. Believe it or not, we can build your entire new school building on our factory premises. The beauty of a modular building is that each ‘module’ can be fully constructed on our workshop floor, so the only thing that we have to do on site is put the building together.  Modular buildings are perfect for education because they require next to no disruption.

Constructed a module at a time, our team can monitor the quality of your building. We can be sure that the construction of your building will run as smoothly as possible. By breaking the building into modules, we can really concentrate on the finer details of each section.

Delivery and installation

We make sure that the delivery and installation of your modular building in education is as seamless as possible. Our expert team of surveyors will plan the process from start to finish, assessing:

  • Site access
  • Health and safety regulations
  • Remote locations
  • Method statements
  • Risk assessments
  • Lifting plans and certificates

Before your building has been delivered, we are responsible for setting up the groundworks. Because we are also responsible for the groundworks, there are no risks of miscommunication, so you can be sure the pipework for the utilities perfectly matches the layout of the modules.

How can you afford our modular buildings in education?

We know that many schools don’t have deep pockets of money to fund their new building. Modulek takes pride in ensuring that their modular buildings in education are available for all, which is why we have a range of ‘My Modulek School Fundraising’ schemes available for you to choose.

  • CIF Funding
  • Operating Lease
  • Finance Lease
  • Purchase Lease

To find out more information on any of our schemes, click to be directed to the My Modulek School Funding page.

Benefits for choosing Modulek

There are so many benefits to choosing a modular building for your school. At Modulek, we are dedicated to destroying the illusion that modular buildings are temporary. In addition to our high quality, modern and stylish builds, we believe our company ethics are a huge part of our success. When you choose Modulek, you are also choosing our:

  • Close knit family team of management
  • A full design service with 3D visuals
  • A free professional site survey
  • Flexible design
  • Fixed price packages
  • Fast action
  • Follow-up services

With that in mind, take a look at our gallery of previous projects and see the superior quality for yourself.

Value Statement

Integrity and Honesty – Our work is our commitment

Service – Dedicated personal attention, exceeding expectations

Quality – ‘Good enough’ is unacceptable, excellence is our standard

Health & Safety – Acting responsibly for the care of all

Teamwork – Pulling together to succeed

Optimism – ‘Can do’ attitude; we believe in achieving your wishes

Innovation – Introducing new concepts

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If our modular buildings in education sound perfect for you, don’t hesitate to contact our helpful team today.