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If you’re looking for a reliable company to design and construct your new modular building, look no further than Modulek. Providing a full start to finish service, we’ll guide you through every stage to ensure you remain stress-free throughout the entire process. From educational buildings to retail outlets, anything can be achieved when you invest in a modular building from Modulek.

What are the benefits of investing in a modular building?

Modular buildings made bad names for themselves in the past; drafty, flimsy and with a temporary feel, there was nothing attractive about them.

Fast-forward 20 years and modular buildings are now modern, high-tech buildings that provide an endless list of benefits including:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Quick and easy to construct
  • Designed around your needs
  • Look permanent but can be relocated
  • Cost-effective

Affordable Modular Housing

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Why do we offer the best modular building service?

We’ve given you some information regarding our processes, so you know more of what to expect when you choose Modulek to design and construct your modular building.

  • Flexible design

    Here at Modulek, we firmly believe you should have complete control over the design of your modular building.  During the design stage, we’ll arrange several face to face meetings, which will follow the process from initial concept right through to visual representation. We’ll present to you both physical and virtual drawings and work with you to build a case for the council planning department, presenting it to them on your behalf.

    Building off-site

    Once the council has given you permission, we’ll book you into our diary. All of our modular buildings are constructed section by section by our team offsite in our workshop. Our construction team will follow the plans down to the finest detail to make sure each section lines up with the next. All construction is closely managed by a dedicated project management specialist, who will ensure consistency in quality is maintained throughout.

    Constructing your modular building

    While all the sections of your modular building are starting to take shape in our workshop, our onsite team work hard to make sure that all the site prep has been carried out in time for the sections to be delivered. The sections of your modular building will arrive on the back of a lorry, and we’ll carefully lift them into place like a gigantic jigsaw puzzle.  Once all parts are in place, another dedicated team will make sure all electrical and plumbing elements of your modular building are connected.

Who can benefit from our modular building service?

Many companies and organisations have recognised the countless ways in which modular buildings can benefit their day to day running including:

  • Education
  • Military
  • Retail
  • Residential
  • Health
  • Businesses

From changing rooms to reception areas, pop up clinics to science labs, our modular buildings are incredibly versatile.

As a company, we aim to provide modular buildings to every sector by 2018.

Value Statement

Integrity and Honesty – Our work is our commitment

Service – Dedicated personal attention, exceeding expectations

Quality – ‘Good enough’ is unacceptable, excellence is our standard

Health & Safety – Acting responsibly for the care of all

Teamwork – Pulling together to succeed

Optimism – ‘Can do’ attitude; we believe in achieving your wishes

Innovation – Introducing new concepts

What makes Modulek the best choice for your modular building?

Modulek is a small family-run business that endeavours to ensure that each client remains fully involved with their project. We abide by our value statement, which we created to ensure that each client benefits from a superior level of service.

We educate each employee on the terms of our value statement, which we base on our 7 step winning formula. This includes:

  • Working with integrity and honesty
  • Providing a personalised service in line with the specific needs of each client
  • We don’t stop at satisfactory. We work to achieve excellence
  • Health and safety is at the forefront of everything we do
  • Working as a team is integral to success
  • We promise to do everything we can to achieve your dream modular building
  • The modular building sector is constantly evolving, and so are we

Why should you choose Modulek?

Here at Modulek, we want to defy the impression that modular buildings are simply flimsy shells that are nothing more than a quick fix.

In this day in age, modular buildings have all the benefits of a permanent structure, with the added convenience of a quicker building time-frame.

We’ll make sure that you achieve a modular building that is modern and fitted with the most innovative technology. It’ll be light, airy, environmentally friendly and best of all, completely designed around the purpose you intend to use it for.

We’re confident that any modular building supplied by Modulek has been constructed with only excellence in mind. We believe it is very unlikely for there ever to be an issue with your modular building; but if there is, we supply each client with a 60 year warranty on purchase.

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