Leisure Centres Construction

Are you looking to save time and potentially a substantial sum of money during leisure centres construction? If you are, then you need to call the friendly and knowledgeable team at Modulek on 01202 813 121 for information about the fantastic options for prefabricated leisure centres. We have flexible options and bespoke designs that will be more energy efficient and a lot less time consuming to erect than standard buildings – so why wait? Call today.

Superior Construction for Leisure Centres

When it comes to leisure centres construction, Modulek can offer the latest in permanent modular prefabricated leisure centres using the Modulek System. Our innovative designs and exceptional products are recognised around the world and are fully UK certified.

Faster to Erect

The process for standard leisure centres construction, using traditional brick and mortar, can take a very long time. Before any type of construction of leisure centres can begin, the site must be prepared completely. This can take weeks, if not months to make sure the site is completely ready. As well as laying each brick individually, the entire process for leisure centres construction is elongated by archaic methods.

With the Modulek System, we are able to cut out a lot of project time. This is because the prefabricated leisure centres can be constructed in the facility while the site is being prepared – this effectively means the site preparation and building construction are happening simultaneously.

This can cut the project time by as much as three months, which means you can have your facilities ready and save money all the sooner. Offsite construction of the prefabricated leisure centres also means less disruption in and around the site, which is great for anyone living nearby.

Ongoing savings

The methods and materials used in the construction of leisure centres using the Modulek System are all completed in controlled factory conditions and held to the highest standards. This means that there is no fluctuation in the quality of the finished products; they are all built up to the exceptionally high Modulek standards.

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Traditional building materials can suffer from unseen faults and problems due to substandard or subtly damaged materials – prefabricated leisure centres eliminate this problem. The usage of modern technology in all areas of the leisure centres construction means that we can employ the very latest in insulation, electrical engineering, and other elements that will make the building greener and save you money – the Modulek System uses up to 50% less energy than traditional buildings.

On top of the energy savings, the prefabricated leisure centres produce up to 50% less CO2 and 60% less water during construction. This makes our system one of the greenest construction methods on the planet, and the finished product can be dismantled and transported to a new location which saves constructing a new building using traditional methods.

Why Choose Us For Leisure Centres Construction?

Here at Modulek, we adhere to standards that are higher than those required by the industry. This is because we know the technology exists to excel in all areas and we are doing everything we can to help the environment. This means we utilise methods for consuming less energy during fabrication, transportation, construction, and all other areas. The fact the project can take a lot less time also means engineers and labourers have to travel less to the site, which saves fuel and emissions from their cars.

The flexibility and customisation of the Modulek System is unparalleled. We use the latest in steel space frame technology to be able to create almost any size, shape, and configuration of modular building for the construction of leisure centres and many other buildings as well. We have worked with some very prestigious clients, such as: Bournemouth Football Club (AFCB), J.P. Morgan, RSPB, and the Dorset NHS Trust.

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Contact Us

If you would like to know more or book a consultation for leisure centres construction, call the experts at Modulek today on 01202 813 121. Alternatively, you can contact us via email by sending it to sales@modulek.co.uk – we will endeavour to respond quickly and comprehensively.