Modular School Buildings – From State To Academies – The Big Opportunity

Modular School Buildings – From State To Academies – The Big Opportunity

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No matter where or how big a school is, if it wants to expand its facilities, chances are it will have a serious lack of the time and funds necessary. Not that this needs to be a problem, of course, as modern modular buildings provide the solution. How?

There are many reasons why going modular is the best way to expand your education facilities; modern modular buildings are cheaper, more flexible, more aesthetically striking and quicker to build than traditional buildings. With the rapid growth in the number of new children in our schools, modular construction has answered the need for affordable expansion.

You are probably imagining with horror a series of irregularly-placed rectangular grey units. You’re not alone – nearly everyone does when they think of modular school buildings. However, the industry has evolved dramatically and prefabricated buildings now look virtually indistinguishable from their brick-built counterparts. They don’t have to be, though, and you can order any exterior from stone to stainless steel. The beauty of modular is the flexibility.


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The 50-70% reduction in time, coupled with the minimal site traffic (due to off-site manufacture), makes modular construction ideal for educational facilities because your students’ learning is less likely to be disrupted. There is also a 30-50% reduction in cost, which is only because of the more efficient construction methods. Quality and durability are not affected.

If this is not enough for you, then that is where Modulek’s unique, industry-leading “My Modulek School Fundraising” plan comes in. Getting a big enough sum of money to buy a new block of classrooms is like trying to get blood out of a stone. Your “My School” agreement will be tailored to your needs to make payment as easy as possible and gives three options: Operating Lease, Finance Lease or Hire Purchase Lease.

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