Fast-track Modular Solution

Fast-track Modular Solution

Fast-track Modular Solution for Busy College

Peter Symonds College in Winchester is one of the largest sixth form colleges in the UK. This busy college had a requirement to expand their science building.

Modulek were brought in as the college had run out of time to have a traditional extension built ready for the start of the new school year. This meant coming up with a modular option to replicate the same three storey design with the minimum number of concessions all in double quick time.

The modular design was put together in a matter of weeks and the off-site production commenced immediately while the busy college site was in operation. Once the summer holiday began Modulek swung into action installing the 15 modules that uniquely came together to produce the very same building that the client had wanted from the outset.

The build completed in just six weeks on-site – an achievement that just wouldn’t have been accomplished any other way other than with Modulek’s bespoke rapid service!

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