Eco Modular Smart Buildings

Eco Modular Smart Buildings


The times they are a changing….and so are modular buildings…

Frequently in the news, we hear of the next building development and the way that it is utilising modern technology. Buildings that are 3D printed often feature and so do modular buildings that are prefabricated offsite.

Have you considered what a Modulek Modular Smart Eco-Building will offer for you?

Integrating the latest smart technology and features to make the building sustainable and eco-friendly, the Smart Modulek Eco-Building has been designed with both the owner and the developer in mind, creating that building that everyone dreams of.


What makes the smart eco-modular building unique?


From start to finish, the goal is to create a building that is bespoke to you.

The process:-

  • Planning and design – with a forward-thinking approach, the planning service that we offer will ensure that your Smart Eco-Modular building is approved for construction. Each modern building is designed to fully utilise the available space and provide you with a layout that flows seamlessly from one room to the next. Designed by our expert CAD design team, the modular building is designed according to your wishes, helping you achieve your goals and aspirations in life.
  • Manufacturing – as soon as the design is finalised, a manufacturing schedule is agreed. Our methods are even eco-friendly. All modern modular buildings are built in our factory in optimal conditions to make sure that delays are kept to a minimum and to ensure that our high standards are maintained.
  • Delivery, site preparation and installation -Such a simple process, it really is. Once finished your new modern modular building is delivered to your chosen location, by us and set up by us, for you. Our team also carry out landscaping, groundworks and surfacing if you wish to have a garden and a driveway. Our full turnkey service is guaranteed to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch so that you get that building that you’ve always wished for.


Advantages of Smart Eco Modular Buildings


  1. Reduced construction times

As less time is spent moving vehicles, personnel and equipment from our location to yours, this, in turn, reduces the total construction time. Plus, as mentioned above, because we construct all modern modular buildings in-house the process won’t be impacted by severe weather conditions. This means fewer (if any) delays that would otherwise drag out the entire process.


  1. Consistent build quality

Thanks to our in-house precision techniques and production line equipment, we are able to ensure industry-leading quality for all of our final builds. Another benefit of constructing modern modular buildings in a controlled environment is that it allows us to maintain high levels of quality control. This means that the flaws and defects that can be present in traditional buildings are eliminated in modular designs.


  1. Cost effective

Shorter production times and fewer overhead costs with transporting equipment and vehicles translates into noticeable savings in the long-run. A traditional build can be fraught with delays, and that can prove costly. Whereas a modern modular building can be built quickly and with the correct allocation of resources to help keep your costs down.


  1. Eco friendly

Modular buildings are built with the latest eco-friendly energy saving technologies built in as standard. These are a great addition as they will improve the comfort levels within your home while saving you money each year on your utility bills. The technologies that we incorporate into your buildings include:

Double glazing with B rated windows

Non-concussive taps

Occupancy/ daylight sensitive internal lighting

Premium insulation in walls, floors and ceiling

Timed heating with thermostatic controls


  1. Implementation of smart technology

We are using the latest technology to make your Smart Building…utilising a variety of devices, we are making it possible for you to remotely control various functions, like heating and lighting. By being connected to the internet, you can monitor your building from your smartphone – tablet or laptop whilst you’re away.

Smart buildings rely on the collection of clever data points- your phones, tablets and smart devices can understand what is going on in the surrounding area and then know how to react by using technology that allows them to gather information.

The greatest advantage of our unique Smart Building technologies is that they can be fitted at the time of  installation or retrofitted to our existing buildings

Smart Building technology is growing rapidly and giving us increasingly more smart products that we can use in our homes. In the ideal Internet of Things world, every aspect of your routine from your toothbrush to toaster, will be connected and would help you navigate your day with ease.



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