Designing a modular school. Smart – Flexible – Permanent

Designing a modular school. Smart – Flexible – Permanent


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Modern technology has changed our lives and this is visible the most in education. The schools of forty years ago had it easy – classrooms were strictly utilitarian. However, designers must now consider a range of modern technology, such as high-speed data requirements, computers, smartboards and energy-saving features.

As usual, modular construction is leading the movement towards smarter classrooms. Gone are the days when a school struggling to make ends meet would have to reluctantly buy modular classrooms, which right from day one would have been leaky and flimsy. Modern modular schools are identical on the inside to traditional buildings, look better on the outside and meet all the same stringent safety and quality standards.

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So what process do designers follow when building a school that comes on a truck? They will start by asking you a number of questions to find out what you need. They will ask you about the age group and the number of students, what the surrounding buildings and site are like, what facilities are needed to support the classrooms, and how you intend to pay for the building.

Safety legislation is, as you can imagine, very different for school facilities than for any other kind of building. The designer will need to make sure their design will be able to meet all these regulations without compromising your needs. The designer will also make sure that the building is capable of standing up to any weather or (realistic) earthquake. Foundations will be carefully planned to provide maximum support for your building.

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As is the case in all modern industry, environmental considerations will be taken into account throughout the project. Each module will be designed to use sustainable materials, save as much energy as possible and cut down on waste. This will help you as well as your planet, of course – reduced energy usage will help keep running costs down.

Offering the exact same result as a traditional construction in much less time, for less money, with minimum distraction, Modular School buildings are the way forward.


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