Big Steps

Big Steps

Big Steps at First Steps

First Steps Nursery in Poole Dorset will be taking a big step when they open their new pre-school building to children in January 2015.

The busy nursery had reached a point where investments in both staff and equipment gave them the opportunity to expand, knowing they had the capability to adapt to increased numbers of nursery children without having to recruit or equip too heavily.

First Steps had looked into expanding using a traditional build method but soon realised that the build could be achieved easier, quicker and with minimal disruption to the existing nursery in just one phase by choosing a modular solution for their new building. As Mike Marks, Director of First Steps said it was almost a ‘No Brainer’.

Modulek was chosen due to their existing track record of providing quality, value for money modular buildings and also being based locally was reassuring when dealing with a project like this.

Modulek designed, delivered and installed the new building with an exterior which is a mix of bright red coated steel and timber cladding. Internally the rooms are bright and airy with lots of natural light, along with motion sensor activated lights. The building consists of an L shaped room for use for play and learning, an office, a large kitchen and toilets for both staff and children.

The building was completed on site in early December and the staff have worked hard to get the rooms all set up ready for the children. The Pre-school children will be the first pupils to use the new building when they return after Christmas.

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