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Which factors make Modulek the educated choice for schools and colleges when it comes to both temporary and permanent classroom constructions? First and foremost, it’s our experience in creating and delivering projects, which has given us an unparalleled knowledge of the issues facing schools today. Our aim is to work alongside your staff in making the delivery of your classroom as stress-free as possible. To find out more, call Modulek today for the best modular eco classrooms.

What are modular eco classrooms?

Modular eco classrooms are a far-cry from traditional classrooms that existed many years ago. These classrooms incorporate a range of energy saving technologies that are designed to reduce running costs and provide a more comfortable learning environment. These classrooms can be built quickly and with minimal disruption to both teachers and students.

Choose us for a modular eco classroom that is out of this world

Comfortable, welcoming classrooms provide the optimum learning environments for students. Our intention has always been to produce the Best Modular Eco Classrooms with quality of learning as a priority. So when you choose Modulek today, you can rest assured that you won’t be disappointed.

Some of our clients have lingering memories of the temporary classrooms of years gone by – draughty, inappropriate buildings with a short lifespan. It doesn’t take long for a revolutionary Modular Eco Classroom to dispel these ideas. Our steel framed buildings are designed to last – the students of 2077 could still be finding them as comfortable as their predecessors of 2017.

The potential longevity of the Best Modular Eco Classrooms is also due to our energy efficient features. These include double glazing, air source heat pump, photovoltaic panels and Thermowood external cladding that offers maintenance free use for up to 30 years. For more information on how your school’s accommodation could benefit from these and other features of a Modular Eco Classroom, click on our information page now.

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We know that our buildings are the best Modular Eco Classrooms when it comes to energy efficiency because their energy performance certification is A*. That means that when your students are working diligently towards their own A* results in a Modulek Modular Eco Classroom it could be costing as little as 95p a day per classroom. Such a low cost and yet, one that is guaranteed to keep them in the best environment for relaxed, productive learning.

CIF Funding

It’s details like this that count, especially when it comes to applying for CIF funding, for example. We have a lot of experience in preparing and writing CIF bids – we’re always right up to date on the latest requirements for this complex process – and that’s not all. Knowing how demanding finding funds can be, we’ve come up with a range of flexible options through our dedicated fundraising programme, My Modulek School Fundraising, to help make your Modular Eco Classroom plans a reality.

Just like our clients, we want project delivery to be stress-free, with as little disruption as possible. The Best Modular Eco Classrooms from Modulek are constructed off site and we do all the groundwork, ensuring that you’ll be able to use your new facilities in no time at all.

Why choose Modulek?

When you invest in one of the best Modular Eco Classrooms, you can be confident that our buildings meet the highest standards in certification as follows:  Best Modular Eco Classrooms

  • URS assessment standards
  • ISO 9001/2008 compliance
  • Full UKAS Certification
  • CSCS qualified staff skilled in carrying out risk assessments
We also have a proven track record in applying for the necessary funding to begin construction modular classrooms. These standards, along with our commitment to quality, attention to detail and unmatched experience are the reasons that our clients continue to choose our company’s best Modular Eco Classrooms.

Based in Verwood, Dorset, our project management expertise is founded on local knowledge gained over forty years. Our highly skilled and trained specialists are here to offer their professionalism at every stage of planning and construction of your classroom. Take a look at some of the imaginative, attractive and eco-friendly buildings we’ve created for our clients. You’ll find a substantial gallery here to help start your own creative process.

Value Statement

Integrity and Honesty – Our work is our commitment

Service – Dedicated personal attention, exceeding expectations

Quality – ‘Good enough’ is unacceptable, excellence is our standard

Health & Safety – Acting responsibly for the care of all

Teamwork – Pulling together to succeed

Optimism – ‘Can do’ attitude; we believe in achieving your wishes

Innovation – Introducing new concepts

Contact Modulek for the best eco modular classroom today

If you can visualise your design ideas for the best Modular Eco Classrooms, nothing could be easier than creating them with the Modulek team’s experienced help. It’s so easy to begin the process. Simply contact us today via email at or call 01202 813 121.