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Armulek was born out of being able to armour a building and or to create an armoured shelter.

Armulek is a range of super lightweight, anti-ballistic and anti-blast armoured buildings and armoured construction panels, providing protection to Internationally recognised NIJIII+ & NIJIV standards fully certified in the UK, with additional RPG protection as an option.

ArmuleK buildings are manufactured to our client’s specific requirements, made up of modules constructed to ISO container frame standard, fully certified for global shipping and air lifting.  Armulek Modules can be stand alone or linked to form more complex building arrangements with almost limitless configurations achievable.

Armulek buildings are entirely stand alone with low maintenance Hybrid power systems, air conditioning heating, cooling, power and lighting, including anti-biological & chemical threat filtration protection.


External walls existing.

At entrance points or where key persons are living or staying, existing buildings can have an ArmuleK system which will include windows and doors. The ArmuleK system allows for completing the exterior in a number of different finishes from simple render and paint through to brick or stone slips.

When completed the building will not look as if it armoured.

In a new build, the system can be applied to a steel or concrete frame structure or act as an independent constructional element.


Internal walls

Internal lobbies of buildings, banking halls are typical locations. Correct design can create a holding area so that if armed persons burst into a building they can be prevented from progressing through the rest of the building.

Subject to The ArmuleK carrying out an inspection of the existing building (preferred) and or being provided with Architectural / Engineering drawings the ArmuleK system can be applied to existing walls and ceilings again including doors and windows.

The ArmuleK system includes a ‘’standalone’’ partition wall that can structurally span between floor and roof primary structure, again inclusive of windows and doors as required by the design brief.

Please note the ArmuleK system has blast / shrapnel resistance but is still going under tests to define the standard of blast resistance. (Calculations show that a Personal Borne Improvised Explosive Device PBIED of 2 Kg industrial explosive and random shrapnel would be defeated by ArmuleK in a close detonation) Final blast resistance will also be affected by the design, and again this underlines the need for the ArmuleK design team to be able to fully understand either the existing building or the detail design of a new building.

In the recent Belgium airport event, the injury to persons could have been mitigated by random panels (decorative or advertising) built of ArmuleK being set to break up the open area.


ArmuleK Unit

The initial design brief was based around a border post. A border post on a potentially hostile border in remote circumstance (KSA / Yemen). Weight and ease of transport were important factors including the capability of being flown underslung to a helicopter.

The unit had to be capable (off Grid) of supporting men and equipment with min 72 hours without support (fuel water food). Equipment to include Day/Night surveillance Communications

The unit then had to have blast resistance which is why the unit has a unique construction.

The unit had to have a defined international standard of Ballistic resistance and if required can support an RPG mitigation system, this is why this unit is offered as

  • NIJ III+
  • NIJ IV+
  • NIJ IV+ with an AMSafe RPG mitigation system. This the system in service with UK MOD.

Other border crossing equipment was added including UVSS Driver / Face recognition. And communications to central databases.

The power system of a small diesel engine charging batteries with an instant switching system to include for solar / wind or indeed mains support where available was developed with Fischer Panda. AC and heating to manage -30 to + 60 ambient temperatures are coped with.

Having designed the main unit a system of linking units was developed Welfare units Toilet / sleeping was then developed

All of this led to other uses as are now set out on the Power Point Presentation.

A typical use would be the entrance to a high value site (Port –Airport – Power Station) as well as at border control / crossing points.

Armulek buildings come fitted out ready to use in a variety of applications including:

  • Armoured Anti- Ballistic Border Control & Surveillance
  • Armoured Anti- Ballistic Command & Control Centre
  • Armoured Anti- Ballistic Event Surveillance Unit
  • Armoured Anti- Ballistic Security Checkpoint
  • Armoured Anti- Ballistic Medical Unit
  • Armoured Anti- Ballistic Operating Theatre
  • Armoured Anti- Ballistic Staff Emergency Refuge
  • Armoured Anti- Ballistic Advance Operations Base
  • Armoured Anti- Ballistic Refugee Camp Monitoring & Support Buildings

Armulek Armoured Anti- Ballistic panels are designed for use in traditional construction, using traditional construction methods for armouring high profile targets against terrorism and armed aggression, some typical examples include:

  • Armulek Armoured Anti- Ballistic protection for Embassy buildings
  • Armulek Armoured Anti- Ballistic protection for Infrastructure Utility Buildings
  • Armulek Armoured Anti- Ballistic protection for Police Stations
  • Armulek Armoured Anti- Ballistic protection for Government Buildings
  • Armulek Armoured Anti- Ballistic protection for Guardrooms
  • Armulek Armoured Anti- Ballistic protection for Banks
  • Armulek Armoured Anti- Ballistic protection for Blue Chip Company Receptions

The armour can be fitted in a covert manner with traditional finishes applied to retain existing appearances and environment.

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