Academies Show 2016

Academies Show 2016

Academies Show Modulek's special offer

We’re pleased to announce that MODULEK will be present once again this year at the Academies Show 2016.

The Academies Show is becoming more and more interesting year by year as it brings together all kind of companies from different sectors that are somehow involved with one of the most important and sensitive sectors of our country; Education. The 2015 Academies Show was really proactive for Modulek as this provided the opportunity to “see” old friends and bond our relationship with new ones. Overall Modulek is going from strength to strength each year and we are really looking forward to this year’s Academies show.

Our main goal every year is to meet our potential and existing customers, listen and identify their true and real needs, and show them why and how Modulek can provide them with unique modular buildings and services. At Modulek we have revolutionised the modular industry, with our innovative designs that dispel the historical impression of modular being temporary; thus enabling our clients to have a truly permanent building delivered with the speed and cost effectiveness of off-site construction methods—with finishes inside and out that defy the belief that our buildings are modular with external finishes typically applied on-site to give a permanent look and feel.

Empowering our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) strategy, we’ve conducted “ad hoc” surveys, between 2015 – 2016 with those involved in the education sector (i.e. head teachers) with the object of gathering qualitative data regarding their real and true needs.  Modulek offer a wide range of services beyond the planning, construction and implementation of a building (i.e. security and fire alarms, access ramps and steps, air conditioning, etc.) meaning that Modulek is a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all the needs of a school. Through our constant and on-going ad hoc market research we try to identify how to improve our existing products and services or develop new ones. Modulek buildings incorporate the latest in green building technology to minimize energy consumption and carbon emissions. We think green, if you do the same then think Modulek.

This year we come back with more projects and future ideas for the school environment so don’t miss your opportunity to visit our stand No 244.

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