How to win the UEFA Euro 2016

How to win the UEFA Euro 2016

Paris is going to be the centre of attention over the next days as Euro 2016 is ready to kick-off and all teams are ready to fight for the desired cup. Who will be the winner is the question, as we’ve seen many surprises over the years.

Beyond the luck factor, there is another characteristic that will play a major role in their journey to the finals. PREPARATION. So the question is – who is better prepared than the others? We all know that getting on the field is the main event but before that moment, there are hundreds of hours of “rehearsals”. All the teams have to be very well trained and prepared for that moment.

For any team, whether a national team, a football club of the Premier League, Championship or even the lower leagues, there are many key factors that transform them from simple teams to champions. One of the most critical factors is the quality of training facilities for the team. Modulek had the opportunity with one of our recent projects to find out how important this is for a football team.

Case Study: AFC Bournemouth

Newly promoted AFC Bournemouth had to install a new training pavilion to facilitate the additional space needed to meet the Premier League’s requirements. This involved a ground-breaking effort from the entire team at Modulek, to deliver this stunning project in just six weeks from start-to-finish. This was to ensure that this successful football club could start the new Premier League season with the very best facilities for the team.

The speed of the project was to have no impact on the quality of the building produced, with Modulek supplying the building precisely in accord with the clubs aspirations, and within the incredibly demanding timescale to a budget that never increased from the initial proposal.

This standalone complete Players Team Training Building includes:

• Players’ Lounge
• Catering Kitchen
• Offices
• Presentation Room
• Analysis Room
• IT, Massage/Therapy
• Doctor Room
• Spa/Hydrotherapy
• 3G Room
• Boot Room,
• Changing Rooms, Showers/Toilets
• Laundry
• Balconies overlooking training pitches

Since completion, it is the players, as much as the Manager and the Assistant Manager, who have emphasised to us the importance of this training pavilion for their successful transition to the Premier League.

Based on the above you can all realise how important it is for any football club or national team to have the right training facilities in order to have the best preparation. So the UEFA’s Euro 2016 can be won by the luckiest or the best-trained team. We will see. However, luck is never enough for a team that needs to have a future.

Modulek is here to transform every team into a real champion.

For more please watch this short video and find out a truly incredible story of teamwork, determination to succeed and a stunning result:

AFC Bournemouth Modular Building     AFC Bournemouth        AFC Bournemouth training area

AFC Bournemouth building     AFC Bournemouth building        AFC Bournemouth restaurant

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